2013 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference


This year's theme being "New Energy Horizons" focus is being put on evaluating and maximizing production from the formations throughout the Williston Basin. With horizontal drilling making these plays more economic, the services to evaluate them aid in achieving elevated production rates.

To properly evaluate a reservoir:

  • On a large scale, combination of seismic data paired with downhole logs to achieve structure, bed thickness, and aerial extent.

  • On a small scale, information such as porosity, saturation, mineralogy, and lithology.

More focus is being put into research on the size, spacing and type of fracture techniques. Using the large and small scale evaluation principles this is made possible.

Using a unique and safe method, Cordax Logging While Tripping can provide formation evaluation to final TD in order for you to get a full look at your HZ well.

Cordax is returning to the Williston Basin show: Booth #P45.