Cordax Evaluation Technologies partners with several industry leading geoscience interpretation companies to ensure our clients receive the exact solution for their formation evaluation and completion issues.

  • IInStimulation Petrophysics has worked with Cordax since 2012, collaborating with our clients to accurately determine rock mechanical properties to assist planning of completion and stimulation programs.

    Stimulation Petrophysics Consulting (SPC) was founded in June 2010 and is located in Littleton, Colorado. SPC offers a wide variety of specialized analysis products to help make practical use of the petrophysical data of each of its clients. Whether the reservoir under investigation is a conventional high permeability reservoir or an unconventional reservoir (those in need of hydraulic stimulation), SPC has provided solution.

Nutech Energy has cooperated with Cordax since 2013 to provide best in class geological and petrophysical interpretation allowing our mutual clients to efficiently exploit their reservoirs.

NuTech Energy Alliance Ltd. develops hydrocarbon reservoir intelligence solutions. It offers solutions for reservoir potential evaluations, opportunity validations, reservoir optimizations, and full reserve extractions. The company also provides expertise in the areas of petrophysical analysis, core analysis, completion engineering, and geological modelling. NuTech Energy Alliance Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is based in Houston, Texas.