LWT Technical Specifications

Logging While Tripping Tool Specifications

Battery operated, memory based LWT logging tools are light weight with a small outside diameter allowing simple deployment with in specialized drill collars prior to logging operations.

LWT services include:

  • Gamma Ray - GR

  • Dual Induction - DUIN

  • Wave Propagation Resistivity - PRT

  • Spectral Gamma Ray - SGR

  • Compensated Density - DEN

  • Compensated Neutron - CN

  • Memory Logger - MEMBAT

LWT Logging Tools General Specifications:

  • Temperature: 150deg C (300deg F)

  • Pressure: 100 MPa (14,500 PSI)

  • Outside Diameter: 52 mm (2.0 in)
    *allows deployment and mud circulation in LWT drill collar


LWT Logging Tools Detailed Specifications
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Logging While Tripping Collar Specifications

Specialized LWT collars are available in several sizes with custom sizes manufactured for specific drilling environments and connection requirements. Milled window steel collars are used for GR, CN, and DEN measurements and combine with drilling rated, electrically invisible composite collars used for DUIN and DEN tools.


Standard LWT Composite Collar Sizes

OD: 4.75 in
connection: 3.5 in IF
length: 17.7 ft (5.4 m)

OD: 5 in
connection: 4 in FH / XT39
length: 17.7 ft (5.4 m)

OD: 6.375 in
connection: 4.5 in XH / 4.5 in IF
length: 17.7 ft (5.4 m)

Logging While Tripping Collar Specifications
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* Customs sizes available for specific drilling requirements.

Composite Collar Destructive Test Video