2013 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition


The theme for the 2013 AAPG is "Go Deep: Making the play with Geotechnology".  Appropriate given the state of the industry.  Petrophysical modeling is at the forefront of geotechnology due to the implications in almost every aspect of drilling and completing a new well.

Petrophysical modeling can help us get to TD faster and safer as well as optimize the completion of wells. Either of which can make plays more economic by lowering costs and increasing EUR. The best models come from large data sets where seismic, logs, core and Mini Fracs are all incorporated.  Unfortunately, not all data sets can have such a variety of detail due to cost restrictions or problematic wells. Utilizing a safer more cost effective method Cordax LWT (Logging While Tripping) offers a better way to get open hole log data in adverse logging conditions in any well bore geometry. If you can get the bit there we can get our tools there.

Cordax LWT will be at the 2013 AAPG convention.

Stop by and see us at Booth 1345.