Cordax is attending ‘A Decade of Shale’

We’re excited to be representing at the 2018 WTGS Fall Symposium in Midland, TX

Sept. 21, 2018

Join the team at Cordax (Booth #18) for the 2018 WTGS Fall Symposium "A DECADE OF SHALE".

Limit Lost-In-Hole RISK with tools safely protected INSIDE drillpipe while logging...

Wipe out dedicated trips and slash extra rig time while logging...

Trip while rotating, reaming and circulating…logging virtually invisible to rig operations

Cordax closes the gap between delivering unparalleled cost effective and risk free open-hole logging data and applying your formation’s Geo-Mechanical and Petrophysical properties to Engineer completions (ZoneTuner)...Predict stimulation parameters (ZonePredictor) and Optimize well productivity (ZoneGrader)

Visit the  webpage for additional details on the LOGGING WHILE TRIPPING service.

2018 WTGS Annual Fall Symposium

Sept 25-27, 2018

Midland County Horseshoe Arena

2514 Arena Trail

Midland, TX 79706