Cordax innovation featured in Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) magazine


Optimizing well productivity: Horizontal logs unlock critical geologic knowledge

Oct. 24, 2018

Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT)
November 2018 issue

With drilling on the rise, U.S. oil production is expected to continue to increase.

However, many industry professionals are concerned that the “brute force” model, which has seen a massive influx of capital flow into completion and hydraulic fracturing operations, is not an economically sustainable business model. There is a growing belief that better understanding of the effectiveness of completion designs and hydraulic fracturing strategies will require far greater subsurface geological understanding.

Moreover, continued well productivity improvements will only be realized through improved reservoir characterization, and by applying formation petrophysical and geomechanical information to optimize methods of drilling, completing, and stimulating wells.

There has been considerable media attention focused on how the industry is drilling wells longer and more quickly, as well as applying higher-intensity fractures. Until recently, however, there has been less emphasis on constructing productive wells with less capital.

Traditional vertical well tool conveyance methods effectively addressed industry logging requirements for almost a century, but in today’s “horizontal” world, conventional methodologies are either not applicable or expensive and risky. Essentially, the multibillion-dollar logging market has not quite been turned upside down, but has toppled onto its side.

Click here to read the full JPT article, which discusses:

  • Cordax’s prowess in accurately translating horizontal well logs

  • Data collection in memory while tripping

  • Cordax’s ability to measure and calculate the actual formation properties, rather than traditional derivation or inference

  • Two recent case studies, in which operators leveraged Cordax’s Logging While Tripping (LWT), ZoneGrader, ZonePredictor and ZoneTuner solutions