AlMansoori ready to replicate Cordax-fueled success in Egypt

Logging While Tripping (LWT) technology featured in Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine


Dec. 13, 2018

The word continues to spread on Cordax’s Logging While Tripping (LWT) solution—and so does its deployment.

In a Dec. 5, 2018 article, Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine noted that Middle East oilfield services provider AlMansoori is ready to begin deploying Cordax’s LWT technology in Africa, after repeated success and a signed contract in the United Arab Emirates.

“In the mature fields in UAE, the depletion phenomenon dramatically increases the risk of stuck pipe and environmental exposure when logging using radio-active sources,” reads the article.

“LWT derisks the logging operation in such an environment without the operator having to commit to adding an extra casing string, which brings savings of about US$1 million per well,” it continues. “With a new contract for the LWT service in place in UAE, the powerful learnings are now being transferred to Egypt, AlMansoori said.”

Read the full article at the Pipeline Oil & Gas Magazine website.