New Resistivity Measurements - Propagation and Laterolog Resistivity added to LWT product line


New Resistivity Measurements

Cordax is completing field testing of new resistivity measurements that do not require a composite collar for acquisition as with the Dual Induction Resistivity.  These new measurements include both Propagation and Laterolog Resistivity which allow LWT acquisition in a full range of well bore conditions and formation salinities.  Acquisition is from a steel collar sonde run in conjunction with the conventional LWT steel collar.  The respective resistivity measurements are run in combination with the standard LWT measurements of Gamma Ray, Spectral Gamma Ray, Density and Neutron.  Full details can be found under New Technology Developments.

Propagation Resistivity

The Cordax Propagation Resistivity Tool produces electromagnetic (EM) waves which propagate on the outside of the LWT drill collar and allows a full steel collar triple combo measurement system for wells where composite collar acquisition is not suitable.

    • Measurements based on attenuation and phase shift of these EM waves at both 400 kHz and 2 MHz

    • Four depths of investigation, maximum 5 sec. sampling rate

    • Retrievable electronics deployed once TD is reached with data acquired on trip out of hole in combination with standard LWT measurements

The Propagation Resistivity has recently completed field testing in North America.

Laterolog Resistivity

Cordax’s Laterolog Resistivity tool provides resistivity measurements over the range of 0.01 – 20,000 Ohm-m, complementing the other LWT resistivity devices and allowing acquisition in all well bore salinities. This low frequency azimuthal logging tool outputs a four-segment resistivity image and can be run in LWD or memory mode for LWT operations.  Cordax’s Laterolog Resistivity is a patented CBG Group technology based on the Geosteering Resistivity Tool (GRT).

    • Run in LWT or memory mode

    • Data can be processed to determine resistivity anisotropy (Rh & Rv)

    • Azimuthal Laterolog acquired from a specialized collar with probe based data processing electronics for resistivity measurements, gamma ray sensor, roll-angle sensor

    • Combines with industry-standard directional sensors, batteries and a mud-pulser, to make a cost-effective alternative that fits the market

The Laterolog Resistivity is currently in field testing in North America.