Wilrich – Alberta’s Deep Basin Natural Gas Giant

Recently recognized as the most economic gas reservoirs in Alberta’s deep basin "The Wilrich continues to rank as one of the most active and fastest growing plays in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)," said Peters & Co. Limited.

As expected, oil and gas giants such as EnCana, ConocoPhillips, Husky and CNRL own land within this region. That being said, the main players currently taking advantage of the formation include:

  • Peyto Exploration

  • Tourmaline Oil Corp

  • Westbrick Energy

  • Santonia Energy

From the ~250 wells currently drilled into the Wilrich, it is said that the total natural gas volumes is currently at 0.42 bcf/day.

  • Tourmaline expects to drill 45-50 Wilrich wells in 2013

    • Initial prediction was 4.5-5 bcf wells, and they are currently exceeding these expectations.

    • With this success and well costs coming down due to knowledge of the play, 6 rigs are running for them with a pad drilling program that will help drop costs even more.

Despite the fact that gas wells aren’t thought to be sought after as much as oil at this time, the Wilrich has shown to have a breakeven point of $2/mcf and still maintaining economic numbers as low as $3/mcf.

The composition of the Wilrich member, pre horizontal drilling, was thought of as tight shale that didn’t have much potential under the Fahler sand formation.  The geology has since been proven as a number of different individual sandstone and siltstone stringers containing different:

  • Reservoir compositions

  • Hydrocarbon Characteristics

  • Both Oil & Gas, depending on location

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