Operator Success – Now Meters Drilled vs. Rig Count

Canadian's have typically measured success in the Oil and Gas industry by the number of active rigs, or rig count throughout the year. With long stretch horizontals and deeper formations such as the Duvernay, Montney and Wilrich, operators are utilizing less rigs, but with these rigs have increased to record numbers is the Total Meters drilled.

As charted by the Daily Oil Bulletin:

  • The biggest increase for meters drilled was seen in BC with an increased meters drilled of close to 20% over 2012

    • Progress Energy has proven to be one of the major factors for the increase in this Western Province

  • Western Canada so far overall with a 3.62% over 2012 numbers

    • 21.11 million meters vs 20.37 million meters

With deeper drills and longer laterals comes the expectation for increased production, also increasing the risk of each well to the operator. Many operators are turning to new techniques as well as gaining further information in the laterals to help identify the best completions strategies for their play.

With Cordax's Logging While Tripping system, open-hole logs can be obtained safely and more cost effectively in any HZ well. In turn, this will give the operator a cost effective solution to ensure maximized production from these wells.