Open Hole Logging & Engineering Completion Stimulation

For many of the active plays in both Canada and the United States the idea of “blind geometric fracturing” is vastly being dominated with the link between Open Hole data and Engineered Completion Stimulation. The advanced completion stimulation design entails optimizing fracture stages as well as corrects positioning of perforation clusters to provide the maximum production well-well.


Whitepapers such as the SPE 166242, which provides a detailed look into completion optimization of the Eagle Ford using Horizontal Log Data, shows:

  • Proven results indicating the need for theses advancements

  • Operating costs have been decreased to efficiently drill these wells, but some adjustments are necessary to the current completions techniques

  • Average production from the shale formation has remained flat over the past 5 years, even with the variation of completions techniques

  • Less than 64% of perforation clusters are contributing to the total well production

  • Approx. 30% of perforation clusters do not appear to contribute in unconventional plays across North America using multistage completions

Results of SPE 166242:

  • The addition of low risk, low cost Petrophysical Analysis by grouping similarly stressed rock for treatment

  • Perforation Efficiency increased from 64% to 82%. 18% more perforation clusters contributing to well production

Datalog Logging While Tripping provides Open Hole Data in order to perform an Engineering Completions Stimulation as shown in SPE 166242.