Fracturing the Bakken: Save on Hydraulic Horse Power


Companies currently active in the Bakken formation know of its tight dolomitic, old limestone composition. This tight matrix provides many obstacles for the completion and production stages of the companies trying to produce out of this hydrocarbon rich formation.

The hydraulic horsepower used at surface to fracture the Bakken formation and get any production from it is astronomical. High pressures and even higher amounts of money are thrown down the well to ensure fracture networks are made. Cookie cutter fracture methods can quickly cut into your profits per well.

The idea behind fracturing is quite simple, create tensile fractures to give the hydrocarbons a pathway to the borehole. In addition to this it also shears existing fractures. Finding these existing fractures is the key to less horsepower used and cost savings during this expensive stage of your completion.

Two ways that can help you save on horsepower by surveying with a Spectral Gamma Ray tool:

  • Fracture ID – Uranium streak can be used as a permeability indicator

  • Cleanliness Indicator – Isotopes such as Thorium can be used to indicate the cleanliness of the Bakken formation

Using these two surveying methods can guide your completion and help better place the fracture stages in order to use less horse power, aka save money on your completion.

Proof is available to indicate these two money saving solutions in the Bakken using the Spectral Gamma Ray tool.