Cordax - Booth 706 at the 2017 URTEC in Austin, TX

Show - URTEC 2017 @ Austin TX.

Dates - July 24-26

 Cordax Logging While Tripping (LWT) provides quality, affordable, openhole logging data in any well trajectory. Triple combo data allows for enhance hydraulic fracturing operations through engineered completion designs.

 LWT Summary:

  • Proven Technology - more than 700 wells logged worldwide

  • Rig Time Savings - deployment method allows operator to gather open hole logs without the need for a dedicated logging trip

  • Risk Free Operation - logging tools and radioactive sources always safely behind your bit. Rotation and circulation can be preformed through the entirety of the operation

  • Engineered Completions - well data used to enhance completions (fine tune to ensure you are fracking "like rock" in each stage


About Cordax Evaluation Technologies:

Cordax operates in seven countries, providing exploration and efficient development logging services for large multinationals, regional national oil companies, North American independent operators as well as smaller junior producers. Cordax's unique logging service is the most economical, non-invasive, efficient, low risk technique to collect open hole measurements in the global industry today. Logs have been repeatedly validated through rigorous quality control processes with several multinational