Interpretation and Analysis 


Reduce completion costs, optimize producibility, and plan your field development

With the proliferation of unconventional and horizontal resource drilling, optimizing production has become has become progressively more challenging for operators. Openhole log data is a key component in a successful completions strategy as it facilitates the understanding of important reservoir characteristics such as:

  • variability and composition of reservoir in lateral well bores

  • petrophysical and geomechanical properties of reservoir rock

  • complex geology effects on well completions

  • effects of clays on completion and stimulation

  • understanding well total organic content (TOC)

"Production logs indicate that, due to sub-optimized completions, 30% – 40% of perforation clusters contributed no production whatsoever, leaving considerable reserves in place."
– OILPRO, January 8, 2016

Pre-set geometric completions and stimulation designs do not factor in these critical well characteristics. LWT – Logging While Tripping (LWT) services, when combined with Zone Grader and Zone Tuner allow you to make informed completion decisions using real openhole data and enhance the producibility of your reservoir. By understanding the petrophysical and mechanical properties of your well a customized completion can be developed to tailor your stimulation program and reduce expenses. This fine tuning of each stage and frack cluster improves effectiveness and saves costs by right-sizing your completion budget.

Cordax's proprietary Zone Grader and Zone Tuner answer products help operators use the acquired Logging While Tripping (LWT) openhole data to optimize the producibility of their conventional and unconventional wells. The detailed petrophysical and geomechanical analysis facilitates customized completion and stimulation programs. The outputs can also be integrated with drilling information and mud logs to produce a clear picture of the wellbore conditions.

Zone Grader will classify Geomechanical and Producibility grade each selected zone or stage compared to each other along the wellbore. Each producing area is unique as to the cutoffs that will adequately flag potential reservoirs.

Zone Tuner utilizes the Zone Grader outputs to optimize completions parameters to maximize stimulated rock volumes.