Zone Grader Basic 


Zone GraderTM Basic

This answer product deliverable provides the client with basic interpretation to assist with geological and petrophysical analysis. The next level of enhanced interpretation and completion planning is offered within the Zone Grader Advanced answer product.

  • Input logs are a standard triple combo.

  • Zone Grader Basic "cutoffs" are based on advanced petrophysical analysis performed in offset wells.

  • Zone Grader Basic Component Outputs:

  • Shale Volume

  • Index of Brittleness

  • Porosity

  • Resistivity

  • Organic Shale (TOC)

Zone Grader Basic - Deliverable Example - Click to Enlarge

Zone Grader Basic - Assumptions to Flag Pay

  • Clay Volume must be low. The yellow coloring indicating potential reservoir rocks.

  • Reservoir rocks are usually more brittle than the surrounding shales. The Index of Brittleness highlights the more brittle rocks in the orange coloring.

  • There needs to be some porosity for reservoir storage. The green shading indicate intervals where the porosity is above a threshold to have high enough permeability to flag a potential reservoir.

  • As a proxy for water saturation, the Resistivity is flagged in grey where it is above a cutoff as to indicate lower water saturation.

  • Organic shale flag for unconventional reservoirs.