Q. What is Cordax's Open Hole Logging experience in the Oil Sands? 

Cordax has logged over four thousand (4,000) Oil Sands core holes and has been the primary logging contractor on the largest core hole programs in the industry in the last 5 years.


Q. How do Cordax's slim wireline log responses compare to conventional wireline logs in the Oil Sands? 

Cordax's slim wireline logs overlay conventional wireline data, as proven on several core holes where both methods were run to provide a comparison. The overlay logs are presented in this website. All tools are API calibrated and logs accepted by regulatory bodies when the well is licensed.


Q. What is Cordax's advantage over conventional wireline providers in the unique Oil Sands environment? 

p>Cordax uses purpose built tools and units designed for use in shallow, high volume Oil Sands core hole projects rather than large equipment intended for deep conventional oil and gas wells. The result is safer, more efficient, and equally accurate logging at a fraction of the cost.


Q. How efficient are Cordax's operations on high volume core hole projects? 

Cordax's proven ability to log eight 100 m+ wells (GR-DEN-NEU-FE-SP-DIP-CAL) in a 24 hour period sets the standard for efficiency and ensures the short Oil Sands drilling season is optimized.


Q. What logging services does Cordax provide? 

Cordax provides slim wireline Open Hole measurements including Gamma Ray, Resistivity (Focused Electric & Induction), Density, Neutron Porosity, X -Y Caliper, Dipmeter, Deviation Survey, Compensated Sonic, Slim Neutron, Slim Density, and High Resolution Acoustic Imager.


Q. How much over-hole do Cordax's tools require? 

Cordax's entire suite (GR-DEN-NEU-FE-SP-DIP-CAL) can be acquired with only 2.4 m of over-hole.


Q. What is Cordax's safety record in the Oil Sands? 

Cordax has zero lost time safety incidents in 7 years and 4,000 wells on Oil Sands projects. Cordax wireline units are considered the safest in the slim wireline industry with clear operational sightlines and unique built-in safety features designed for rig-less and small rig deployment.


Q. Can Cordax operate in a rig-less environment? 

Cordax has equipped the wireline units with integral crane arms that allow for fully autonomous logging in a rig-less environment.


Q. What are the maximum specifications of the Cordax slim wireline equipment? 

Cordax purpose built Oil Sands equipment can provide open hole wireline logs as deep as 1,200 m in hole sizes ranging from 70 mm to 250 mm diameter.