Slim Line Wireline Logging Introduction


Why Cordax's Slim Line Wireline Logging Service?

Cordax's Wireline Slim Line Logging service is ideal for small diameter core hole logging and shallow conventional formation evaluation. Leading the industry in safety and operational efficiency, the proprietary compact logging units and downhole tools are a perfect fit for shallow wells in remote locations. Employing logging equipment designed for shallow core holes rather than oversized equipment intended for deep conventional wells ensures maximum project efficiency and economics in high volume core drilling operations.

Make Informed Decisions with Slim Line Wireline Logging

Cordax's Slim Line Wireline Logging services provide the critical geophysical data to make exploration and development assessments.

Cordax Slim Line Wireline Logging is Ideal For:

  • Oil Sands Mining & In Situ Core Hole Logging

  • Coal Exploration and Mine Delineation

  • Heavy Oil Formation Evaluation

  • Coal Bed Methane

  • Shallow Oil & Gas Formation Evaluation

  • Uranium Exploration and Development

  • Geotechnical Engineering Studies

  • Environmental Projects

  • Underground Storage Integrity Evaluation

  • Hydrogeology Studies