Purpose Built Units


Purpose Built Wireline Logging Units

Cordax's proprietary Slim Line Wireline Logging units were designed with safety, efficiency, and versatility in mind. Whether deploying from a core rig, conventional drilling rig or logging fully rig‐less, these rugged units provide unsurpassed operational functionality in the harshest environments.

Wireline Logging Units - Designed For Remote Operations

The units are designed to handle the challenges of logging in extreme temperatures, rugged terrain, and tight locations while maintaining unrivalled operator safety and comfort.

Benefits of Datalog Slim Line Wireline Logging Units

  • Functional and comfortable hoist cab with safe view of 
    well head during rigging up and logging operations.

  • PTO driven hydraulic system powering wireline winch 
    (3500 lb pull strength) & 23 foot rigless deployment arm.

  • Inverter supplied power negating need for generator.

  • Remote control wireline winch for safe single operator rig‐up.

  • Built‐in reservoir & sprayer for rigless tool cleaning.

  • Heated downhole tool racks preventing mechanical freeze up.

  • 4‐wheel drive, 1‐ton lifted chassis with agressive tires giving 13 inch ground clearance.

  • Back‐up camera for safe spotting of unit at well site.

  • Fully self-contained unit carries 100% redundant downhole equipment.

Unsurpassed Efficiency

Using the most modern equipment in the industry, Cordax's proven ability to log eight 100m+ wells (GR-DEN-NEU-FE-SP-DIP-CAL) in a 24 hour period sets new standards for efficiency in Slimline Open Hole formation evaluation.