Slim Line Wireline Logging Services


Measurements Available Through Slim Line Wireline Logging

Cordax's compact downhole sondes are capable of logging small diameter coreholes right up to conventional exploration and production borehole sizes:

  • Gamma Ray

  • Compensated Density

  • Compensated Dual Neutron

  • Caliper

  • Resistivity

  • Dual Induction

  • Focused Electric (Guard Log)

  • SP (Spontaneous Potential

  • Sonic

  • Dipmeter

  • Micro‐Resistivity

Standard Slim Line Core Hole Logging Suite

Auxiliary Logging Tools

  • High‐Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (Imager)

  • Thru‐Rod Slim Neutron

  • Thru‐Rod Slim Density

  • Verticality / Deviation

  • Magnetic Susceptibility

  • Gyroscopic Deviation