Mike Carter

Vice President Geoscience

Mr. Carter's career started in 1987 running geological evaluation and data acquisition technology on the wellsite. Mr. Carter has extensive experience leading teams in North America and internationally and has consulted for several ownership, boards, and executive teams on both the service and operator side. In 2012 as Senior Vice President at Calmena Energy Services Mr. Carter managed wireline, micro-seismic, frac fluid services, contract drilling and directional drilling. While at Calmena the retooling and refocus of several of the Calmena product lines allowed for very good valuations as the company refocused. In 2001, Mr. Carter joined Ryan Energy Technologies leading to the role of Senior Vice President North America, with responsibility of managing Ryan Directional Services a division of Nabors Industries. During his tenure at Ryan, revenues increased several times over, generating industry leading profitability and ROIC, all while commercializing several technologies. From 1987 to 2000, Mr. Carter held several positions leading to the role of technical business development for Continental Laboratories. Mr. Carter was involved in the substantial growth of the consulting services (CL Consultants), acquiring Amoco Canada's petrophysical lab (Continental Rocktell), US expansion (NorAm) and a strategic partnership with Fluid Inclusion Technologies of Tulsa Oklahoma.

Mr. Carter is a Petroleum Engineering Technologist (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology-1994) Geological Technologist (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology-1987) and specialized in Services Marketing (University of Calgary-1996).